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What Can You Expect?
    • 3-weekend Live Training: Immerse yourself in a comprehensive learning journey, where foundational coaching skills are acquired through practical, hands-on experiences.
    • Unlock Your Potential:
      • Leadership Growth: Enhance your abilities and unlock new opportunities for increased earning potential.
      • Inner Transformation: Tap into your innate potential to achieve personal and professional success.
Why Choose CoRe Start?
      • ·Hands-On Learning: Core Start offers practical, experiential training for immediate skill application.
      • ·Professional Advancement: Elevate leadership abilities and enhance career prospects through our transformative program.
      • ·Personal Growth: Explore inner potential and unlock pathways to success in both professional and personal spheres.

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Who is this course for?

Training Programmes

Are you passionate about empowering others?

Do you want to be equipped with the competencies needed to thrive in your professional journey? Look no further! Welcome to the CCC’s CoRe Programme Accelerated Coaching Training Program. Core Programme is your gateway to becoming a proficient and confident coach, equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the coaching industry. Core Programme provides you with a condensed yet impactful coaching experience that fits seamlessly into your busy schedule.

Who Is The CoRe programme For?

Our program caters to a diverse audience, including:

      • Managers and Leaders: Enhance your coaching skills to lead with impact.
      • Consultants and Trainers: Add coaching expertise to your repertoire of services.
      • Individuals with a Purpose: If you’re driven by helping others achieve their goals, The core series is for you

Start your coaching career now!

Who is this course for?

What Can You Expect?

      • 5-Day Live Training: Dive into an immersive experience where you’ll learn foundational coaching skills. This training is not just theoretical; it’s hands-on and practical.
      • Module I and Part of Module 2: CoReFlex aligns with CCC’s comprehensive Coach Training Program. You’ll gain insights that can be applied immediately in both work and life.
      • Unlock Your Potential:
        • Leadership Growth: Elevate your leadership abilities and boost your earning potential.
        • Inner Transformation: Discover how to eliminate inner blocks and awaken your personal potential.

Why Choose Our CoRe Programme ?

      • Interactive Learning: Engage in dynamic sessions that foster skill mastery.
      • Confidence Building: CoReFlex empowers you to step confidently into your coaching journey.
      • Forge Your Path: Begin paving your unique way forward as a successful coach.

Start your coaching career now!

Who is this course for?


Our experienced faculty, who are practicing coaches themselves, will guide you through real-time classroom discussions and mentor coaching sessions, ensuring that you receive the personalized support needed to succeed.

At the heart of Core Academy is our commitment to maintaining the highest professional standards in coaching. Our program is aligned with the competency and skill requirements of the International Coach Federation (ICF), providing you with the opportunity to pursue accreditation with this leading global coaching body.

Join us at Core programme and embark on a transformative journey that will enable you to unlock your potential as a coach and make a positive impact on the lives of others. With our expertly crafted curriculum, supportive learning environment, and ongoing support, Core curriculum sets the stage for your success in the dynamic world of professional coaching.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your coaching journey, Core programme is here to help you reach your goals and elevate your coaching practice to new heights. Enroll today and begin your journey towards becoming a certified coach with confidence and competence.

The programme will enable you to
      • Draw on what aligns with you and how you coach.
      • Hone your coaching skills with constructive feedback.
      • Create your signature coaching presence.
      • Become a confident and well-qualified coach.
This programme has

Real-time classroom discussions and mentor coaching sessions to give personalised support to students.

A thorough assessment process which ensures high-quality professional standard coaches.

This programme is:
      • Experiential, well-paced, well-structured and proven coaching programme.
      • Delivered a safe and supportive environment ensuring that you are comfortable.
      • Expertly balanced around industry leading knowledge, supervised practice during modules.
      • Made up of 5 days of practical, experiential coach training including an examination day.
      • Delivered by experienced and well-qualified faculty who are practicing coaches.

The CCC has been built on an enviable reputation for professional coach training which equips its students with the skills to challenge themselves and their clients. At the CCC, we are particularly proud of:

Our Approach
      • First and foremost, you are our primary focus. We believe in coaching you to be a coach, to be the best you can be. We believe that learning to be a truly great coach is a profound and personal journey where we offer support all the way.
      • Our training is experiential, by definition, this means “involving or based on experience and observation.” Within a safe environment, students practice their coaching skills, experience being coached themselves and benefit from observing others coach and being coached.
      • We help you create your very own coaching model. Our programme do cover various existing coaching models but we don’t just teach coaching methodologies, we work with you to identify, mould and develop your own model, your own style, your own signature presence.
Our Talented People

Highly skilled and respected, our faculty are experienced and well-qualified and, in their own right, master coaches.

This programme can:
      • Lead to accreditation with the leading Global Coaching body, International Coach Federation (ICF).
      • Be delivered to individuals within an organisation.
      • Ongoing support and development of the CCC Alumni network.
      • The CCC CoRe Proprogramme provides an effective and enjoyable way to develop and grow as an individual, while at the same time you learn and practice professional coaching skills which can be used to help others to grow.